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Security Recruiting Testimonials

"In the world of recruiters … Wils Bell is one of those great recruiters. I've been in touch with Wils since the late 1990's and was placed at my current position by Wils, and have also utilized Wils to fill open positions. Wils has a great ability to locate the right person for the job and always goes the extra mile to fill the position. I would highly recommend Wils to companies who want to place expert IT personnel as well as to anyone looking for employment."
Mike ,Senior ERP Business Systems Analyst, Global Company

"Wils is the best recruiter I have ever dealt with as both a hiring manager and job seeker. As a hiring manager, he has never wasted my time. Candidates were well screened and solid matches to the job(s), unlike most other candidates we received from other recruiters. From a job seeker viewpoint, he placed me 8 years ago and (at my request) placed me again in 2008 in a Chief Security Officer role. I would recommend Wils to any employer wanting to work with a recruiter that won't waste their time and provides great results and well as to any job seeker looking for a new opportunity."
Brad, CSO - Large Florida Corporation

"Paul Pierce is called "The Truth"... Wils Bell shares that moniker. Wils is an outstanding placement professional that works diligently to help his client people and firms to match the right talent to the right role at the right time. Seek this man."
Dan, Director SAP - Director Big 4 Firm

“I have known Wils for over 10 years and in that time both as someone who helped me personally look for jobs, as well as, assisted in job searches for open positions that I needed filled; he has displayed a very professional, straight forward, and easy-going manner throughout. He is always prompt to follow up and tends to go the extra mile to work with his clients. I have and still recommend him highly to companies and people looking for employment.”
Robert, IT Systems Manager - National Company

"Wils is certainly one of the most honest recruiters I have had the pleasure to work with. His experience is second to none. He is truly the "go to" person if you are searching for rare talent. Wils is also a great American with all of the attributes (integrity, honesty, dedication) that is required for being successful in the business world. Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity
Gary, Sr. Director - Global BPO Company

“I worked with Wils during my tenure with a national corporation as he provided with a number of qualified candidates. I worked with Wils to recuit a number of critical positions both in and out of security. Wils' ability to adjust to our constant changing needs was fantastic as he was able to adjust quickly to changes in strategic iniatives. Wils' brought to us a large number of team members that made substantial impact to our project deliverables. I would strongly recommand that Wils be contacted - as he has a strong network of candidates that can provide value to your organization. Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity”
Matt, Director IT - National Company

“I have known and worked with Wils since 2001 and in that time, he has helped me find good candidates for open positions and provided invaluable advice to me personally as my career progressed. When helping me meet my recruiting needs he listens to my needs and, when available, has found the appropriate candidates and provided honest assessments of their capabilities. He has always taken those extra steps that make a difference. I consider him to be sincere in his willingness to help and very truthful. In short, he handles himself in a very professional manner with integrity in all situations. I would highly recommend him as a recruiting resource, whether you are looking for the best candidate or seeking a better employment opportunity. Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity
David, CIO - Healthcare Organization

“Wils Bell is one of the best recruiters I have ever known. I've been in touch with wills since 2006 and was placed at my current position by Wils, Wils has a great ability to locate the right person for the job and always goes the extra mile to fill the position. I highly recommend Wils to companies who want to place expert IT personnel as well as to anyone looking for employment. Wils is not the type of recruiter that will place just any warm body into a position for the commission. He does his homework to make sure that the fit is correct in all aspects. Since I have known him, he has worked with the utmost highest standards in everything he does. And unlike other recruiters, he keeps you informed every step of the way.” Tom, Network Security Engineer - Global Manufacturing Company

“Wils recruited me a few years ago for my contract position at Philips Medical. Being a career consultant, I had dealt with a lot of recruiters, but Wils stands out as the best, most honest recruiter I have ever been associated with. A lot of recruiters will just do a brief interview to cover the basics before referring you on to a client. Wils, on the other hand, really takes the time to get to know you, to make absolutely sure that you are a good fit for whomever he recommends you for. This is good for the client, and the consultant; in other words, a “win-win situation”. I’ve had a lot of clients tell me that they have a really hard time getting qualified consultants. This just tells me that the recruiter, who referred these consultants, did not do a good job of making sure that the consultant would be a good fit for the position. You will not have this problem if you use Wils to find qualified consultants for you. I do not hesitate in recommending Wils if you are a company looking for qualified consultants, or if you are a consultant looking for a good opportunity. You will not be disappointed.”
Steve, Sr. Consultant - Global Company

“To me Wils was and still is the “good recruiter” by any standard. He placed me in my job several years ago and even though I have moved on to another position we have maintain contact and frienship. His honesty, dedication and continuous support are exceptional. He is an expert in his field and has deep networks of business contacts within a wide range of companies and industries.”
Mohammed, Manager - Large University System

“I have done recruiting and placement with Wils for probably 20 years and know him to be one of the most effective in the business. He is more thorough in his search assignments than most in the business I have run across. In addition to being more knowledgeable of the Florida market than anyone else I know, he has an effective nationwide presence”
Mark, Executive Recruiter -USA

“I have known Wils for over 5 years and find him to be a consummate professional. Wils makes it a point to differentiate himself from the pack and does. He always does what he says he is going to do and never has left me waiting followup. He knows his business and is very proactive in knowing what is going on in the market place. I know when I call Wils he will give me his undivided attention and will go above and beyond. It is also nice when Wils just gives me a call to see how I am doing. If you are looking for a true Business Partner or an individual that will go to bat for you then Wils is this person.”
Scott, Manager - Global Investment Firm

“I worked with Wils when I was recruiting for a national consulting company. He provided us with staff for our consulting assignments. His candidates where always of the highest quality. Wils never wasted my time, and he was great to work with. He is very personable and I always looked forward to his calls.”
Brenda, Recruiting Manager - National Consulting Firm

“I have had the great pleasure to work with Wils for the past decade. Wils is without a doubt one of the most skilled IT recruiters with whom I have done business. Wils can be counted on to be honest and to deliver candidates who meet my expectations. I highly recommend Wils as a talented recruiter in the general IT and Information Security arenas.”
Jeff, International Security Recruiter

"Wils placed me in my current position. He is a very detailed oriented and very professional person. It was a pleasure working with him and he always followed up even when he didn't have anything. I would recommend anyone that is looking for a job to speak with Wils.”
Jeff, Sales Engineer - Large Managed Services Company

“It has been a pleasure working with Wils for the 15+ years. Wils and I have successfully completed many split placements in the southeast USA. I highly recommend Wils to anyone wishing to utilize the best recruiting professional in the south.”
David, Executive Recruiter

I have known Wils Bell for since 2007. Wils and I have been involved in many outsourcing business opportunities together. At all times I have found Wils to be dependable, reliable, hard-working, conscientious, honest, and professional. I'm happy to provide this recommendation to anyone that wants to conduct business with this gentleman.
Larry, Security Engineer

“It is as pleasure to recommend Wils Bell. I have known Wils for several years. I appreciate his candor, integrity and the overall way he does business. He is a consummate professional and an exceptional resource. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to further develop their IT career.”
Eric, Security Engineer -Regional Consulting Company

“I have known and worked with Wils Bell since 1992, and he is one of the finest, most professional Search & Placement Professionals I have ever known, period. We have had the unique opportunity to develop not only a wonderful working relationship, but a strong personal friendship. He is of the utmost integrity, polished and professional and performs outstanding work for his Clients & Candidates. His expertise in both Staff recruitment, as well as Executive Search is unparalleled. Wils is THE quintessential Recruiter and Businessman. I cannot say enough good things about him, and I strongly recommend Wils and his Search & Placement Services to any Company looking for that edge in the recruitment of exceptional talent or that individual seeking opportunities with an exceptional company. Wils is a class act.”
Dave, Executive Recruiter

“I have worked with Wils for the past decade as my career grew. He is a great recruiter to work with, has knowledge about the healthcare industry and provides continuous support during the process with followup afterwards. I look forward to working with him again as my career continues to grow.”
Rita - Consultant

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