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Contact: Wils Bell
President / Security Headhunter / Security Recruiter
POB 620298
Oviedo, FL 32762
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Client FAQ

How long have you been recruiting?
Wils Bell, our President, opened his own search firm in 1990 (PRS) performing IT searches and very early security searches for RACF & ACF2. By the year 2000 with technology and the Internet changing constantly, Information Security concerns were on the minds of most large and medium sized organizations. Since the need for Information Security talent grew within these companies so did our focus in the security area. As they say, the rest is history. Over the next several years we performed security searches under the PRS search firm name, but in early 2009 we were able to acquire the domain name The decision was made to rename and re-brand the company to better reflect our specialty and expertise. The name change not only identifies our specialty, but has become our brand within the security recruiting industry.

We already use job boards. How can you help us? does not subscribe to job board services. Instead, there is a vast hidden market of top shelf Security talent that is "working and happy" AND don't visit job boards. These passive candidates are and have been our target. Over the last 10 years we have developed relationships with 1,000's of these passive security candidates which we utilize during our searches, as well as newly identified recruited candidates.

Do you work areas besides Information Security?
Granted we do work heaviest in the areas of Information Security, Information Risk, IT Audit and so forth. Also, on certain occasions, since we came up through the IT world we have been able to help clients with senior IT positions when time permits. Simply ask us!

Do you have a web presence?
Yes. Our website is found and visited by 100's of security talented professionals every month. Many are lead here from our security Blog or Twitter account, not to mention the numerous other sites and forums where is mentioned throughout the web.

Do we need to sign a placement agreement?
Yes. Our agreements simply states the obligations of each party.

How do your begin a search?
First, we need your cooperation! We need you to described the job in full detail and provide us a true understanding of your company and culture. With this information we can then present your company and it's job opportunity in the most professional manner possible to potential candidates. Remember, we're selling your company and it's new "opportunity" directly... not pulling resumes off a job board.

What is the search process?
First, we are NOT a resume house that sends you piles of resumes for you to pre-screen. Pre-screening is our job! We discuss your job and interview many candidates before we decide on our top choices. Then and only then are you made a candidate(s) presentation.

Can't you just email resumes for us to review?
We could, BUT why would you want us to? We have thoroughly interviewed the candidates, generally multiple times, by the time we are ready to present them to you. They are real people with real experience that many times does not translate in a one dimensional piece of paper. Making a professional presentation only takes about 2 minutes. Why not let us earn our fee?

How long does a search take?
I've seen presentation to placements in less than a week while other searches have taken much longer. A lot depends on you and your organization's ability to make things happen. The more pro-active you are the faster your position can be filled.

Does the employer /client pay the placement fee?
Yes. does not charge a candidate a fee. Fees are always paid by the client company.

Can you also assist with hourly consultants?
Yes. Providing contractor / consultant talent to clients has always been part of our business service. For more details visit Recruitment Solutions.

Do you have a candidate guarantee policy?
Yes. We always offer a guarantee on full time hires. In over 25 years of business, we've have only utilized it twice and not in over 10 years. If a candidate is terminated for an inability to do their job or leaves on their own (excluding economy, mergers, acquisitions, etc. ) we offer a replacement guarantee.

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